What Embodycom® clients have to say


  ~ Every time I take an EmbodyCom® class I walk out at the end of it with all of my body cells lit up and energized! Gina's work has allowed me to bypass my mind ( which usually never stop telling me what I need to do next) and drop into my body's intelligence - which is far more kind, loving, supportive and productive than my never ending "to do list". I don't have enough words to describe the power of Gina's EmbodyCom® work - it is quite a treat to be led by her in the most gentle, loving, nurturing and focused way.  I highly recommend working with her and experiencing her magic first hand. 

Savita Chaudry, Life Coach


~ Gina Carlson is a master facilitator in guiding us in what it takes to empty out and await Clarity of Life to occur for us with Ease & Grace. Gina is my teacher, guide and sweet soul sister that has touched, moved and inspired me only every time that I’ve had the privilege of being in Her Presence.” 

Dr. Habib Sadeghi - physician and Author of The Clarity Cleanse

~ I was blown away by the rapid results I achieved through the EmbodyCom® Approach — a synthesis of various modalities, that I found to be a powerful manifestation tool that has changed my life and what I thought possible for myself. Plus Gina Carlson is super gentle and creates a really safe space while challenging you to go further than you thought you ever could. She's a total bad ass, dressed in sheep's clothing!!-- in a GOOD way!

Michelle White Hart, Video & Visibility Empowerment Coach

Working with Gina changed my life and as a result I have grown my role as an entrepreneur VP of Marketing in the automotive industry, making much more money and feeling my contributions are truly making a difference.  I have always been inspired and operated from great intentions, but Gina’s raw love and guidance created a shift in me, revealing that my way of seeing society was blocking me from seeing who I truly I am.  The EmbodyCom®  work challenged me to step up and play bigger.  I now have a deeper connection to my essence, my soul and my value.

Eric Graciano entrepreneur VP of Marketing in the Automotive Industry.