The Art & Science of Thriving

Performance Coaching 


EmBoDyCom® is a multidimensional approach for individuals and groups seeking optimal experience in life, greater profits, purpose and results. 

Founder, Gina Carlson is a Life Coach, Communication Teacher and Body Language Expert. She is the founder of EmbodyCom® and assists people who want to prosper, grow and thrive.

EmbodyCom® is the culmination of a 20+ year personal journey that involved deep explorations into movement, gesture, story, belief, initiative, intention, breath, sound and language.

It began in the 90's, quite by accident, when Gina became aware of a correlation between her own personal experiences at the mental, physical and emotional level and what followed in terms of outcomes in key areas of life, such as career, health, relationships and finances. Gina discovered there was a relatedness between one's experience and physical world outcomes and that these outcomes became predictable depending on the quality of personal experience.      

EmbodyCom® articulates the art and science of “up leveling one’s experience and results in life” by breaking down personal experience into 3 key components -- Alignment, Presence and Relating and how they interface with Power, which EmbodyCom® defines as the "right use of energy."   

Using the EmbodyCom® method, Gina's clients have breakthrough experiences, performance and results. Whether it is health, career, money, relationship or purpose; EmbodyCom® delivers.


Today is Life! You are Movement! The Point of Power is NOW! Elevate your life through the opening within to more of what you LOvE, and move it into the WoRLd...from here NOW, surrender to your longing, trusting what you want is wanting you. ~ Gina Carlson