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EmbodyTalk™ Event - Come learn a simple and effective tool for optimizing thoughts, feelings and experiences.  The EMBODITATE® Meditation System will show you how good you already are at meditation and how much your body actually really LOVES to meditate.

At the EmbodyTalk™ Event, we’ll have a chance to dive into an Embodied-Meditation together, connecting us powerfully to vital resources that are key to high performance, de-stressing and getting good at life.

What is EmbodyCom® ?

EmbodyCom® is a multi-dimensional approach to improving performance in any area of life. It is for individuals and groups who want to thrive in who they are and what they do.

EmbodyCom® is the product of my 38 years studying and practicing meditation and performance from every angle and blends different meditation techniques and transformational practices that make a difference in our ability to perform well in life. 

Paramount to the EmbodyCom® approach is my neuro-science based Meditation System -- EMBODITATE™ -- a simple yet effective tool for optimizing thoughts, feelings and experience. 

The 3 Keys to EmbodyCom® are what I refer to as Alignment, Presence & Relating and all outcomes in life ride on, our effectiveness in each of these key areas. You can read more about Alignment, Presence and Relating, on the The EmbodyCom® Work page. 

Though science based, the EmbodyCom® approach is more like "artful play." It is fun and easy to learn and practice -- whether it is something you want to have or experience, or something you haven’t yet gotten to work, EmbodyCom® helps you get the outcomes you are or have been going for.

EmbodyCom® is the fast track to more energy AND more relaxation, greater clarity, health, focus and fulfillment. 

I would love to have a conversation with you and hear what you are up to; call me for a free consultation about how EmbodyCom® can help you level up your game.

Loving you, Gina

BIO -- EmbodyCom® Founder Gina Carlson

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Today is Life, you are Movement and the Point of Power is NOW! Elevate your life through the opening within to more of what you LOvE, and move it into the WoRLd...from here NOW, surrender to your longing, trusting what you want is wanting you. ~ Gina Carlson



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